Judi Rideout is a singer songwriter from Southern Ontario who writes songs about ex- husbands and boyfriends and truckers.

Her band is called The X-Husbands, and sometimes contains one or even a few, of her x-husbands. And maybe a trucker, or a boyfriend.

Judiís songs are like little polaroids that you put in the freezer... you never know how they are going to turn out.

They take you places. Usually to tiny dark terrifying places.

Places just beyond the reach of dusty light bulbs in barely lit corridors, where people crouch in the corner with their arms around their legs... rocking.

Places where we don't find ourselves. Where men are abusive and women don't always fight back on time. Where children become court ordered pawns.

Life in these places is the diamond grit of sandpaper, wearing people down until they either fade away or shine.

Judi Rideout

If you survive this wearing down, you write brilliant songs. These are the songs that Judi Rideout writes.

"Ex-Husband, the debut album from Burlington's Judi Rideout is one of the best Americana recordings out there. It's just the right mix of traditional and modern! A superb blend of country, blues, folk and more, Judi and the gang know how to merge it all into great tunes. Judi's voice sets the right mood and fits perfectly into the sound."

Hamilton Blues Lovers, June 29, 2016